About VFRW

Who we are…

The Valley Forge Romance Writers (VFRW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fellowship, support, and educational opportunities to its members. We seek to promote excellence in Romance fiction, to help writers become published and establish their writing careers, and to provide continuing support for all within the Romance industry.

We are a local chapter of Romance Writers of America, and abide by the regulations and philosophy set forth at the national level. We welcome members of all backgrounds, regardless of race, age, religion, gender, or sexual identity.

VFRW invites you to come to a meeting to see if membership in our group might be just what YOU need!

Please email VFRWinfo@gmail.com for more information on meeting location and time.



We host monthly meetings (except in July and August) and strive to provide excellent workshops on “Craft, Industry, and Business” topics.  Our meetings are lively events that encourage friendships, give support, and foster collaboration between our members. We discuss what’s going on in the publishing business, and provide encouragement to struggling writers while also celebrating our member’s recent successes — and we have lots and lots of successes!

All chapters rely on the strong support and energy of their members.  VFRW gives two awards in recognition of our excellent volunteers. For more information on these awards, visit the Susan Wiggs Award and Winston Award pages.


Board Members

Currently, VFRW seats a board of five individuals: 

President: The President serves as leader of VFRW’s Board of Directors, and in that role, helps steer our Chapter, providing guidance and insight, a liaison to the National Organization, helping to set the budget, and oversee Chapter matters. 

Vice President of Communications and Membership: The VP of Communications communicates with new members and helps organize membership each year, as well as provides encouragement and support to members sharing their successes or misses with the Chapter.

Vice President of Programming: The VP of Programming organizes the programs and speakers for the chapter throughout the year. This Board Member finds great speakers who bring knowledge about writing or expertise in their field to the chapter to teach us about the craft and business of writing. 

Secretary: The secretary keeps the minutes for all general and board meetings and keeps records for the chapter. 

Treasurer: The Treasurer helps organize the finances for the chapter. 

To contact any of the board members above, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page.


In addition to the Board of Directors, many members volunteer on committees to help the organization run smoothly.

Join Us

Valley Forge Romance Writers recently celebrated twenty-five years as a chapter of Romance Writers of America®, promoting excellence in Romance fiction, sharing monthly camaraderie, and providing professional enrichment to our members.

Why not join us to see if we can help you find your happily-ever-after? 

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