Susan Wiggs Award

Lynn Kellan (left) 2013 recipient of the Susan Wiggs Award.

Cathy Pritchard (right) 2013 recipient of the Winston Award.

History of the Susan Wiggs Award

Susan Wiggs is a New York Times Best-selling author and three-time RITA award winner. Her books celebrate the power of love, the timeless bonds of family, and the fascinating nuances of human nature.

Years ago, Susan was doing a book signing tour paid for by her publisher, HarperCollins, and was going to be in our area. VFRW chapter member Sharyn Cerniglia was a friend of Susan’s and asked her if she would be willing to do a workshop for us. Susan agreed, but would not take an honorarium – all money was to go into VFRWs bank account. Her generosity of spirit helped set up VFRWs coffers and allowed the chapter to function for many years afterwards.

In her honor, the Susan Wiggs Award is presented annually to a person who has given service to Valley Forge Romance Writers.


Susan Wiggs Award Recipients:

2019 – Leslie Lighton
2017 – Eileen Emerson
2015 – Kate Forest
2014 – Susan Scott Shelley
2013 – Lynn Kellan
2012 – Jeannine Standen