From Page to Screen: Creating a TV Series Bible Based on Your Book presented by Leslie Anne Lighton 

When:  Saturday, May 4, 2019, 10am to 1pm

Where:  Montgomery County Community College, 340 Dekalb Pike, 

              Blue Bell, PA  19422 – Parkhouse Hall, Room 344 (NOT our usual room) 

You’ve been told your single book or series would make a perfect TV show. So how do you get your stories in front of those television producers who can translate your written words to the visual medium?  By developing a series bible that includes everything needed to prove to industry professionals that you have fully developed the centralized core along a solid plot spine as well as the world building, episode sequences, character journeys, overall mood, and atmosphere that is consistent with a specific story genre. And once completed, how do you know where to pitch your comprehensive series bible for  potential production studio acquisition?

Join Leslie Anne Lighton as she shares how her film screenwriter and executive producer friend Debi King McMartin developed her intriguing series bible for television consideration, influenced by Bigfoot stories told among the Spanish Moss adorn bayous along Caddo Lake in Louisiana.

Bio:  Leslie Anne Lighton is an author of a historical nonfiction book, and she has served as a director and an associate film producer on several film projects, including SKOOKUM: The Hunt for Bigfoot, She has also worked as a technical writer, computer programmer, training course designer and instructor, software tester, compliance auditor, and newspaper photojournalist.

She has held many roles on three RWA Chapters including president, vice-president-membership, secretary, web manager, newsletter editor, and now VFRW Treasurer. Several of her romance novels manuscripts have finaled in many RWA national and chapter contests. In July, for the third time, she’ll be a RWA conference workshop presenter.

By day Leslie manages the global team who ensure the quality of internal and external software is compliant with industry standards and Federal relations for the Fortune 12 company.