Speaker Schedule

2022 Speaker Schedule

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January 8, 2022

As Valley Forge Romance Writers embarked on a new path as a stand-alone not-for-profit writers group, we took this meeting to discuss our future plans and our current needs. Members were able to brainstorm ideas for upcoming meetings, workshops, and our contest The Sheila.

February 5, 2022

Motivation for Writers

with Terri Brisbin

Motivation is what gets us going. It increases our momentum from a static position towards something we want. It is personal. Discovering it is wonderful — not recognizing it can be devastating. Terri conducted an interactive workshop to help writers discover their writing style, their writing priorities and goals, and to organize their strategies to achieve their writing or life goals. (For writers at all levels).

March 5, 2022

Agent Chat

with Lori Perkins

Founded in 1987 by Lori Perkins, a former newspaper publisher and editor, the L. Perkins Agency specializes in many different genres with six agents representing approximately 100 authors to the publishing industry. The agency also has agents in many foreign territories and works with an established film/television agency to maximize exposure for our clients. In 2010, the agency broke new ground by being the first agency to hire a literary agent who worked exclusively in the digital marketplace. To this day, the L. Perkins Agency works hard to identify new publishing venues and makes it a priority to help our authors stay ahead of the curve.

April 2, 2022

Lover’s Lane is Not a Dead End: Using Place to Drive Your Romantic Fiction

With Philip William Stover

In this interactive workshop we’ll work together to think about place as a generative and exciting way to convey story. We will look at a few examples but mostly we will try out some pre-writing techniques to help writers in all stages move from terra incognita to terra firma. Bring anything from an idea for a story to a finished draft as material for our work together.

May 7, 2022

Everything Authors Need to Know about Audiobooks

With Ann Russek

Ann Russek, author, VO actor, and indie producer/narrator has been narrated over 75 audiobooks over the past five years. This workshop will cover topics such as how to find and hire a narrator and/or producer, what you should expect from your narrator/producer, costs associated with an independent audiobook, what you need to know about the platforms that distribute audio books, and much more.

May 7, 2022

Mini Modules

With VFRW presenters

Join us for a day of “mini modules” presented by VFRW members on topics near and dear to their hearts. These informal sessions will be both fun and informative.

July and August, 2022

We take off July and August for time focused on our families and ourselves.

Members stay in touch via our private Facebook group, and hold informal Zoom meetings whenever possible.

September 2 - Annual General Meeting

September is our Annual General Meeting, where we review all that the group has done and what it hopes to do as we move forward.

October 2022

This program is being designed as we speak. Stay tuned for the specifics!

November 2022

This program is being designed as we speak. Stay tuned for the specifics!

December 202s - Members' Holiday Party

Every year we get together to celebrate the holidays with food, friends, and a fabulous gift exchange.

This is a members-only event. Guests are not permitted.


Each year, VFRW members enjoy a slate of programs from a varied and highly skilled group of speakers.

We plan our programs to ensure we touch on all the elements important to Romance writers:

  • Craft (lessons on the mechanics of character and plot, voice, and style),
  • Business (topics focused on publishing, marketing, and taxes),
  • Industry (updates on the publishing world and specific areas of interest to writers.)


Curious about our prior speakers and topics?

Check out our 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 speakers.


Many of our speakers are current or former members of VFRW.
We would be happy to recommend any of our previous speakers — feel free to use our Contact Us Page to ask for more information.