The Sheila Contest
Finalists & Winners

Congratulations to all the Finalists and Winners!

Note that names marked with an ** were VFRW members at the time of the contest


Best of the Best: Love Me Like a Love Song by Annmarie Boyle


Final Judge: Rhonda Penders, Wild Rose Press

1st Place – Love Me Like a Love Song  by Annmarie Boyle

2nd Place – Fight For It  by Jessie Harper
3rd Place – Something to Talk About  by Despina Karras
4th Place – A Fast Woman  by Laralynn Doran
5th Place – Love In An Elevator  by Kilby Blades


Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal
Final Judge: Lori Polito, Soul Mate Publishing

1st Place – Child of Eden  by Laralynn Doran
2nd Place – In Blood and Ice  by Susan Person
3rd Place – Seditious Hearts  by Renee Wildes
4th Place – Hex, Love, & Rock N Roll  by Kat Turner
5th Place – Praetorian Rising  by Lisa Knight


Final Judge: Claudia Fallon, Wild Rose Press

1st Place – Moonshine River by Marie Wells Coutu
2nd Place – Tempting a Thief  by Emmaline Warden
3rd Place – Maiden of Dreams  by Susan Varno
4th Place – Uncoiled  by Susanna Lane **
5th Place – A Good Match for the Major by Josie Bonham


Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance
Final Judge: Scott Eagan, Greyhaus Literary Agency

1st Place –  Silent Stream by Marie Wells Coutu – REQUEST FOR FULL
2nd Place – When We Were Friends by Nancy Yeager – REQUEST FOR FULL
3rd Place – Keeping the Pieces by Brenda Lowder – REQUEST FOR PARTIAL
4th Place – Crocodile Tears by Kilby Blades
5th Place – Legend of the Purple Orchid by Remy LaCosta


Romantic Suspense
Final Judge: Meghan Farrell, Tule Publishing

1st Place – Searching for Eden  by Kimberly Ford – REQUEST FOR FULL
2nd Place – Raven Falls by Celeste Straub **
3rd Place – Deadly Aim  by Tracy Brody
4th Place – Forbidden Paradise by Barbara Forlenza
5th Place – The Cracking  by Anise Eden


Young Adult
Final Judge: Tara Gelsomino, One Track Literary Agency

1st Place – Escape the Room  by Sandi Van Lieu
2nd Place – Witch of the Wild Beasts  by Catherine Stine
3rd Place – The Keystone  by Wendy Goodman
4th Place – Song of the Sophos by A.Y. Chao
5th Place – A Scent of Lilac  by Frances McCoy


Best of the Best Judges:

Xio Axelrod, USA Today Bestselling Author
Pintip Dunn, New York Times Bestselling Author and RITA® Winner
Priscilla Oliveras, USA Today Bestselling Author
Angela Quarles, USA Today Bestselling Author and RITA® Winner
Laura Trentham, Multiple Golden Heart® Finalist
Rebecca Zanetti, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author


Best of the Best:  Never Love a Thief by Sarah Leyton


Single Title/Contemporary
Final Judge: Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency

1st Place – Never Love a Thief, Sarah Leyton
2nd Place – Endangered Love, Jackie Rutherford
3rd Place – Fragments of a Life, Bonnie Pierson
4th Place – No Other Choice, Penelope Leas
5th Place – Royal Misfits, Piper Malone **
6th Place – The Art of Second Chances, Cheryl Ford
7th Place – Counting on Him, Alleigh Burrows **


Final Judge:  Nicola Caws, Harlequin/Mills & Boon Historical

1st Place – Best Laid Plans, Patty Reagin
2nd Place – Edge of Heaven, J. Lynn Rowan
3rd Place – Memories and Moonbeams, Averil Reisman
4th Place – A More Perfect Love, Kate Forest **
5th Place – Duplicity, Cheryl Swafford
6th Place – The Botanist’s Daughter, Sharon Bernas


Young Adult
Final Judge: Kate Brauning, Entangled Publishing

1st Place – It Hurts, Robbin Luckett
2nd Place – Casualty, Paula L. Huffman
3rd Place – Now is Everything, Lani Forbes
4th Place – What He Hides, Amy Patrick
5th Place – The Kiss List, Katrina Emmel
6th Place – Wrecked, Amy Gale **


Romantic Suspense
Final Judge: Rebecca Strauss,DeFiore and Company

1st Place – Malice for Mercy, Jacqueline Jayne **
2nd Place – Green Carnations, Maureen Marshall
3rd Place – Leather and Lies, Celeste Straub
4th Place – Carly’s Storm, Kay Turnbaugh
5th Place – Saving Stella, Erica Wynters
6th Place – Overdue Justice, Christy Thomas


Final Judge: Tera Cuskaden, Cuskaden Editorial

1st Place – Touch 3.3, Valen Cox
2nd Place – House of Ash and Brimstone, Megan Starks
3rd Place – The Ravine, Michelle Joyce Bond
4th Place – Guardian Awakened, Grace Adams **
5th Place – Desperate Heat, Susanna Eastman

Best of the Best Judges:

Mariah Stewart – New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author
Joan Silvestro – Indie Bookseller – Book Trader
Judi Fennell – Award Winning and Best Selling Author
Stephanie Julian – New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author



Best of the Best Winner: Semper Fi by Meta Carroll


Single Title/Contemporary
Final Judge: Patricia Nelson, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

1st Place – Moonshine and Magnolias by Abigail Sharpe
2nd Place – Domino Dancing by Danys Castillo
3rd Place – Coach by Caroline Bradley
4th Place – Devotion and Deception by Carla Conrad
5th Place – Genesis by Piper Malone**


Final Judge: Karen Reed, Loose Id

1st Place – The Red Parrot by Lisa Wilkinson – REQUEST FOR FULL
2nd Place – The Rescue of Lord Grange by Elizabeth Everett – REQUEST FOR FULL
3rd Place – The Seduction of Mrs. Smith by Elizabeth Everett
4th Place – The Thunder in the Heart by Susanna Lane**
5th Place – Smith: A Novel by Sara Dahmen


Final Judge: Nicole Resciniti, The Seymour Agency

1st Place – Rogue Dragon Rising by TJ Shaw – REQUEST FOR FULL
2nd Place (tie) – Demon Curse by Raewyn Bright – REQUEST FOR PARTIAL
The Seventh Sun by Lani Forbes – REQUEST FOR PARTIAL
3rd Place – Praetorian Rising by Lisa Knight
4th Place – An Alien Exchange by Keri Kruspe


Romantic Suspense
Final Judge: Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks

1st Place – Sempre Fi by Meta Carroll – REQUEST FOR FULL
2nd Place – When in Rome by Grace Adams – REQUEST FOR PARTIAL
3rd Place – Forgive and Forever by Carla Conrad
4th Place – Under the Influence by Kathrine Black
5th Place – Emerald Drone by Alan Chaput



Best of the Best Winner: Fire Rising by Grace Adams**


Erotic Romance
Final Judge: Sara Megibow, KT Literary

1st Place – Slow Ride – Shelby Ellis
2nd Place – Renegade – Sara Avellino
3rd Place – Sorting Out The Kinks – Elle Mason


Final Judge: Nicole Resciniti, The Seymour Agency

1st Place – Fire’s Rising – Grace Adams** – REQUEST FOR FULL
2nd Place – Rule Breakers, Soul Takers – Jacqueline Jayne** – REQUEST FOR FULL
3rd Place – Dragon’s Spell – Gina Bono – REQUEST FOR FULL
4th Place – Chief’s Mate, A Tribe of the Mountain Screamer Novel –Maggie Pelman**
5th Place – A Shadow’s Kiss – Grace Adams**


Final Judge: Stephany Evans, Fine Print Literary Management

1st Place – Seduction in His Smile – Louisa Cornell – REQUEST FOR FULL
2nd Place – Don’t Get Your Vicar in a Twist – Eileen Emerson**
3rd Place – An Unbridled Gentleman – Eileen Emerson**
4th Place – Judgment Between The Rivers – Marie Wells Coutu
5th Place – Lord James’s Challenge – Evelyn Alexie
6th Place – The Duke’s Seduction – Masha Levinson


Romantic Suspense
Final Judge: Alicia Condon, Kensington Books

1st Place – The Hustler – Angela Hockman – REQUEST FOR FULL
2nd Place – Beyond Paradise – Barbara Forlenza
3rd Place – Blinded – Lyz Kelley**
4th Place – Aloha Angel – Karen Kinna
5th Place – Closer Than Close – Sheryl Lister


Single Title/Contemporary
Final Judge: Junessa Viloria, Penguin Randomhouse

1st Place – Say Everything – Helen Hoang
2nd Place – Without Words – Delancey Stewart
3rd Place – Eire Ever After – Jeanne Dickson
4th Place – Welcome Home, Katie Gallagher – Seana Kelly
5th Place – Scooped Confessions – CA Speakman