Open Discussion

Per a group decision the previous fall, we allotted this meeting to allow for a general discussion of the state of RWA, of publishing, or our writing lives. The hope was to allow for an open forum where we could all express ourselves and gain a clearer understanding of what is happening in the Romance world as it affects us both professionally and personally.


RWA Workshop In A Box: WriteFAST by Siera London

A straightforward method to transform your story idea into a first draft FAST!


Sheila judge training

with Beth Long and Dawn Murphy Ryan


Program: Write Better-Faster

with Becca Syme

A strategic coaching session with the instructor, Becca Syme, who has fifteen years of coaching experience and has coached thousands of writers (and other creatives), with a Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership. More at Becca’s Better Faster Academy: https://betterfasteracademy.com/


Book Marketing: Online all-the-time or what?

with Denny Bryce

With in-person author events such as conferences, in-store launch parties, and book club gatherings on hold, how can authors do the best job possible in advertising, marketing, publicizing, and engaging readers? What’s the difference these days in publicizing and promoting indie book authors vs. traditionally published authors? Or has this line blurred? Denny took us through how a 2021 marketing plan looks in light of the pandemic, showed us ways to develop a business plan, better understand how to use the current popular social media platforms, and provided tips on using CANVA to create a graphic strategy that will grab attention (in the best possible way).

June, July, August

For our usual “summer holiday,” we held informal discussions meet-ups.


Annual General Meeting


Editing – all the steps and tricks a good writer has to have in their author toolbox

with Judi Fennell


Instagram for Writers

with Stephanie J. Scott

With over 1 billion monthly worldwide users and growing, Instagram is a major league social media platform connecting users across the world. The key fact for us writers: readers hang out there! In this workshop, we learned how to take your Instagram to the next level, with ideas and strategies to build a reader community.


We held our annual holiday party to celebrate our members’ successes and discuss our plans for the coming year.